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A Student's Only Regret

02 Feb

A Student's Only Regret

Posted By: 
Tamra Excell

How much control do you feel over your own life? Are you in the driver’s seat, or do you feel like you are being taken for a ride?


A recent conversation with a student who graduated from CMASAS touched my heart. He said that his only regret is that he didn’t find the school sooner because he feels that he would have been even farther in life. He wasn’t talking about academics – he’s solid there – but in feeling in control over his life.  He’s ahead of the game compared to most, and gratefully contributes much of this to his time at CMASAS because he has at least the foundation to build upon.


So what did the school offer that was so important?  Respect. And through this respect, the active nurturing of each student’s own personal agency.  It’s about having a voice in what happens in one’s own education, setting the stage for having power over one’s own life.


At first glance, people see that we have a huge catalogue of classes and offer things like school clubs and world travel, and that’s all nice. However, it’s the learning model – the philosophy – that makes the difference.  We treat the students as the adults-in-the-making that they are, celebrating individual choices, and respectfully mentoring them toward they future they want to create for themselves.


So how about you? Are you in the driver’s seat? This is your journey; where do YOU want to go? What, if anything, stands in the way?