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Student Voice

Student Voice

True Story: CMASAS students live out what Abraham Lincoln reminded us of not too long ago, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Our students are brilliant, creative, funny, unique, genius, captivating, award-winning, compassionate, entrepreneurial, go-getters, writers, speakers, artists, dancers, gymnasts, surfers, snowboarders, equestrians, travelers, dreamers, doers, movers, and shakers. In short, our students are shaping the future!

We are constantly amazed at the brilliant ideas and talents our students have and our eclectic mix of student clubs represents this.

Read one of our blog posts on socialization in online school to find out more about how our students are shaping their future and ours.

What is Student Voice?

Student Voice is a growing movement that ranges from students having more of a say in their education to students actually being in the driver's seat, leading the way. Some use this power to have lessons altered, and some go so far as to design their own diploma or degree program in its entirety. The point is that students are empowered and yet also supported as much as they need to be. The roles of students and teachers are changing as part of this. Teachers are mentors and guides, serving students as customers. Meanwhile, students are taking a more active role in guiding their education and life activities to best accomplish their own personal and career goals, incorporating their unique learning needs and preferences.  


We’re passionate about empowering your genius and believe every child has the right to a truly unique and personalized education. 

Do you want to join the student voice community? Share what you love to learn about, your favorite study spots — even strike a pose — and, of course, don’t forget those epic sunsets.