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Sport Psychology: The Power of Self-Talk

11 Oct

Sport Psychology: The Power of Self-Talk

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

Did you know we speak over 50,000 words to ourselves each day in self-talk? That’s an entire novella we read to ourselves each day! This is why self-talk is considered such an important factor in sports psychology.

According to @HuntingtonUniversityExerciseScienceProgram, self-talk is: “the ongoing internal conversation that influences how we feel and behave.” This is a crucial practice of mindfulness our students here at CMASAS learn to cultivate. After all, if you have a goal to turn your passion into a winning profession and you’re reading yourself a defeatist novel starring yourself every day, it’s unlikely you’ll ever reach your goal.

Many people don’t know this, but there are actually three types of self talk: Positive, Negative, and Instructional. Instructional self-talk consists of “technical aspects of the performance.” Negative self talk “produces anxiety, fear, and doubt,” while positive self talk improves “attitude, energy, and effort.” Learning to recognize between the three-- and choosing only those which give you energy-- can mean the difference between success and defeat.

Today, try to take a step back and be mindful of your inner monologues. What do you say to yourself when you hit a challenge? How do you talk to yourself? What words do you use? Some sports psychologists recommend even altering your inner dialogue to speak to yourself in the third person. I.e.: Carrie Schmidt is going to twist a half-degree farther and stick this landing.

Has there ever been an instance where self-talk made or broke your performance?


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