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Six High Performance Habits to Live Your Dream Before Eighteen

19 Feb

Six High Performance Habits to Live Your Dream Before Eighteen

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

You’re motivated. You’re tenacious. You have a dream, and you don’t want to wait until you graduate to get it.

You don’t have to.

Brendon Burchard has spent ten years as a professional certified high-performance coach. In his new book: “High-Performance Habits” which is scientifically backed by one of the largest studies in the world spanning three years and over 190 countries, Burchard discusses six habits high performers use to outperform their peers. We’re going to look at how online high school students can use these six habits to live their dreams before eighteen.

The question Burchard asks is this: “what is it that high-performing people are doing differently than everyone else?” The answer is: deliberate habits. Deliberate habits, Burchard explains, are “habits they had to practice consciously and conscientiously in order to keep outperforming their peers.” So what habits do high-performers employ?

First: Seek Clarity. High performers practice the skill of curiosity. They’re constantly asking themselves questions: what do I want to focus on today? How can I make this better? Is this really my priority? What’s the emotional end-goal I want to feel when this is over? Asking all of these questions and staying curious constantly helps students perform at a much higher level, simply by clarifying their lives and being open to viewing things in different ways. At CMASAS, our students practice this skill by engaging in mastery-based projects where they are encouraged to use their own passions and interests as framework for completing an assignment.

Second: Generate Energy. Burchard says: “High performers do have greater levels of mental focus and stamina, greater positive range of emotions, and greater physical vitality and health.” But are they simply born that way? No. High performers have just learned the secret: They evaluate their choices by what gives them energy and what takes it away. For example, have you ever spent an evening with someone so toxic you walk away feeling flattened by a steam engine? That encounter took away your energy. Conversely, have you ever had springs in your heels after an exciting conversation or hearing a truly great piece of music? That gave you energy. Of course, it’s impossible to avoid everything that takes energy. There are some things like challenging courses or tasks that are good places to spend energy, because the long-term gain will be worth it. What high performers do differently is that they start recognizing how they feel after certain encounters or experiences, and learn which ones they can eliminate from their lives.

Third: Raise Necessity. According to Burchard, this means getting yourself in the zone. Find a morning routine that works for you, and get the top necessary things done at the beginning of the day, so they’re sure to be accomplished. Due to our student-paced ethos, our students are able to determine their own schedule, letting them front-load their day with whatever is most important or requires the most brain-power.

Fourth: Increase Productivity. According to Burchard, being less productive doesn’t mean you’re lazy, it means you may need to determine one clear priority. “High-performers identify their primary field of interest… they’ve found what is most relevant or different for them to focus on, and then they give 60% of their week to that PQO: prolific quality output.” For CMASAS students who want to embark upon a career before they graduate without sacrificing their studies, they are able to take advantage of our personalized, flexible program while building their dream.

Fifth: Develop Influence. Burchard says that high-performers aren’t just strong as individuals. They also make an effort to network, lead, and connect with others. This broadens their support system, making it easier to take the next big step in obtaining their dreams. At worldwide accredited online school CMASAS, our students are able to expand their global reach just by logging into homeroom or attending our regional or international gatherings.

And finally: Sixth: Demonstrate Courage. “High performers speak their truth more often. They share what they think, feel, need, desire, dream of, want, need help with-- more than other people.”

Here at CMASAS, we don’t think students should have to wait to pursue their dream.