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Research & Media

Learning Model Research

Want to learn about the research and philosophies that shaped the creation of CMA School of Arts and Sciences? This document is a survey of research for the Personalized Education Learning Model and its applications for CMASAS.
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Preparing Students for the Future

This article published in SEEN Magazine provides a concise yet clear explanation of the Personalized Education Philosophy, which is the guiding principles upon which CMASAS was formed.
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What About Socialization?

Published in The Family Balancing Act, this article addresses a commonly-asked question, and provides a perspective worth considering.
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Personalized education Components Chart

Families exploring options often find it challenging to get clear answers, and those new to online/distance education might not know what questions to ask. This chart aims to help families ask key questions as they decide on the best program to meet their needs.
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New National Science Standards

The new National Science Standards have a strong emphasis on inquiry and understanding, and narrows the focus to fewer, essential topics so tha science can be learned in depth and with greater understanding.
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"I Touch the Future. I Teach" Article

Published Jan. 27, 2011 by the MetroWest Daily News, this article compliments the legacy of Christa McAuliffe to education.
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