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Pros and Cons of Online High School

03 Aug

Pros and Cons of Online High School

Online high school has gone from a non-traditional education option to mainstream, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its detractors. While students may be enthusiastic about the flexibility of online classes, parents often fret about issues like accreditation and socialization. If you’re weighing whether virtual learning is right for your child, here are some pros and cons of online high school to consider.

Advantages of Online High School

For many students, the benefits of online school make it a complete game-changer for their education, helping them go from dreading school each day to being enthusiastic learners who take an active role in their schooling. Advantages of online high school diploma programs include:

More Flexibility

Online high school gives students more flexibility—not just with their schedules but also with how they learn, what they learn, and the pace at which they learn. Students can work more slowly on subjects they struggle with in order to master them; others may choose to work more quickly and graduate earlier.

At CMASAS, we have a wide range of elective courses to allow students to pursue their interests and each course can be personalized to accommodate their unique learning style. A traditional school simply can’t offer this level of personalization. The result is that students who previously struggled in school finally have the opportunity to succeed.

No Distractions

You may have been lucky to have a positive high school experience, but for many students, high school can be traumatic, with relentless bullying that makes it difficult to focus on learning. Even students who aren’t bullied may be distracted by other students or subject to bad influences. At CMASAS students gain confidence and self-esteem by participating in school clubs based on common interests with other students without the fear of being bullied or put down.

Higher Quality Education

If you live in an area where schools are under-performing, an online private school like CMASAS gives your child access to a better education, with a more challenging curriculum that provides opportunity for honors and AP coursework, specialized subjects like Latin and World Religions, and enriching extracurricular activities.

Disadvantages of Online High School

Online education isn’t right for all students. Here are some potential drawbacks to getting a high school diploma online:

Self-Motivation Is Key

If your student isn’t self-motivated, they may struggle with online schooling. CMASAS has more accountability built into the curriculum than many other online programs, but your child still needs to have the motivation to get on the computer everyday and do the work.

Socialization Takes More Effort

We encourage our students to be active members of their communities and the world, but this is another area where self-motivation is important. Unlike a traditional high school, students aren’t forced to interact with their peers. They’ll need to take the initiative to meet new friends online in the CMASAS all school chat, through joining a school club, attending a Regional Gathering or international school trip, or by joining clubs and sports, or volunteering locally.

Not All Online High Schools Are Accredited

It’s important to do your research when choosing an online high school, as not all of them are accredited. CMASAS is a fully accredited private school, which means our transcripts are accepted and recognized worldwide.

Learn More About Online High School at CMASAS

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