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Preparing Students for The Future of Work (The Perks of Online High School)

10 Sep

Preparing Students for The Future of Work (The Perks of Online High School)

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Jul 13, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Martha is a small town librarian, the single mother of 15-year old Sarah. Her daughter, Sarah, is an accomplished classical pianist, but she and her mother are frustrated and disappointed with her progress in public high school.

Small town life does not provide much opportunity for talent like Sarah's, but Martha worries, like any mother, that Sarah does not have a clear career path. Martha thinks like many of her generation that life and work happens in certain stages:

  • childhood
  • school
  • work
  • motherhood
  • retirement

Sarah appreciates her mother's concerns but feels her talent holds promises that her school cannot keep. Her performance is already in such demand as to require her to travel. And, the time demanded by a rigorous rehearsal and training regimen conflict with her high school curriculum.

Sarah knows best.

From Sarah's point of view, the world in which she will work and grow is very different from her mother's. She sees work and career differently. She does not want to live to work. She sees her 21st-century world as a place where people are at the center of the work. To her and many in her generation, cultural institutions have lost relevance and value.  Innovation and technology promise new directions and solutions, but organizational structures like the workplace are archaic and unable to deliver. Schools and school systems are the center of that problem.  Sarah does not quite know how to articulate it, but she wants education that is customized and just-in-time. She finds the public school wastes her time driving her to get up to date with old school thinking. She does not see why others cannot see this disconnect.

5 Reasons to Go to School Online:

CMA School of Arts and Sciences offers accredited, fully-online personalized education from kindergarten through high school.

  1. Self-paced: All CMA instruction is synchronous. Any student with internet access can connect 24/7 every day of the year. Students schedule the courses for days and hours that suit them. Students can access live instruction using Skype, telephone, and email. They use a virtual whiteboard, webcams, desktop sharing, and break-out rooms. And, they stream video, access virtual labs, and use online textbooks.
  2. Personalized Education: Instructors and students work at identifying the most effective learning style. Courses provide students with instructor support for flexible personalized learning approaches. High school courses, for example, are designed for the discerning high school student with each course providing flexibility to meet the learning objectives through alternative assignments that meet each student's learning style.
  3. Coaching: Certified CMA personalized education coaches serve as mentors to oversee individual student progress in courses and grades. A personalized education curriculum includes consideration and integration of learning modalities, multiple intelligences, learning environmental preferences, and student interests and goals.
  4. Teacher Ratio: CMA promises a 1:1 teacher-student ratio. Additional resources include tech support. counseling, and the media library - services integrated to encourage independent and life-long learning.
  5. Student Voice: The CMA online high-school encourages students to speak and think creatively. They want and get more of a say in their future, altering their lesson plans, and designing their own curriculum. They seek and value empowerment in how to best accomplish their personal and career goals.

Sarah has a formidable future as a classical pianist, especially if she can accelerate her high school education, complete it at her convenience, and design a curriculum that keeps her engaged. Like Martha, there are other parents of accomplished artists, musicians, athletes, and promising talents. The sooner they consider the advantages of the personalized online education at CMA School of Arts and Sciences, the better for parents and prodigies.