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The Power of a Great Introduction

20 May

The Power of a Great Introduction

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

“All this happened. More or less.”

Vonnegut grabs you from the very first glance of Slaughterhouse Five. The lines are simple, the prose inelegant, and yet, you know you’re about to hear a spectacular tale so unbelievable, the author has to start by insisting it did, indeed, happen.

Caroline Mohr’s beautifully animated TED-ed talk entitled “The Power of a Great Introduction” takes us through the nuances of how to hook your reader from the very first paragraph.

There are four main parts of any essay:

Part One: Introduction

Part Two: Thesis

Part Three: Analysis

Part Four: Conclusion

It would seem obvious that if the first part of the essay is the introduction, that’s the place to start, right? Mohr says differently: “Here’s a tip for writing a great introduction: write it last, and write your thesis first.”

Mohr recommends first analyzing the content you’re about to write about. Consider what your take is on the story. What’s your angle? What’s your unique perspective? What aspects of the story can you compare and contrast? By doing this first, you will essentially be writing your thesis, and will have created the root upon which to grow your essay. Then, after you’ve set your compass, and possibly even written the entire essay, go back and write a gripping introduction that speaks to the heart of your thesis.

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