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Personalized Education - Top 5 Apps to Improve Online Students' Vocabulary

09 Sep

Personalized Education - Top 5 Apps to Improve Online Students' Vocabulary

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Feb 7, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Rory is a math whiz who enjoys helping his friends complete difficult equations on their homework assignments. His sharp thinking and happy-go-lucky nature also helps him in his role as a young swimmer. Since he takes his sportsmanship seriously and trains everyday, Rory's parents decided to enroll him in an online high school that will focus on his personalized education as he completes the rest of his studies.

The number one subject that challenges Rory in school is English, as he's not a book lover and isn't confident about his essay writing skills (we're here to help with that). As a result, his vocabulary skills suffered until his Personalized Education Coach suggested downloading some applications that would strengthen his vocabulary. Take a look at some sources that are beneficial to students who have trouble in this area.

Top 5 Vocabulary Apps

• Wordament

Wordament is a distinctive fun game that can help enhance your child's online personalized education. The game is basically a word tournament that enable you to compete with other Internet users in order to be crowned the best word searcher for all rounds and games. The goal is to find as many high scoring words on the word board as possible in 2 minutes. It's similar to scrabble but with more competers and everything's done on the computer. 

• Word Solitaire 

Another must-have for those who wish to improve their way with words is Word Solitaire which was recently voted one of the top iPad games. Participants drag letters on top of each other and organize into words. Card can be turned over to show more words that need arranging as well.

• Letris 2

Letris 2 is also one of the most sought after Internet word games. Users enjoy the simple concept of building words to keep the screen neat as you attempt to beat your own score. The game is compatible with several devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. You can also decide to play rounds against friends or solitary games where you invent long words and solve puzzles at your own pace.

• Cultiwords

Cultiwords has two benefits: it increase vocabulary, as well as strengthens short-term memory. The app comes with a 40-word set, definitions, anecdotes, and study review questions.

• Ruzzle

Lastly, Ruzzle is celebrated as one of the top games all over the world. The popular word game is exciting and fast-paced with several kinds of perks that distinguishes it from other apps. Players have to locate as many words as they can by swiping their fingers along the screen. Each letter is capable of creating words as long they're linked to one another.

A personalized education typically helps students strengthen every aspect of their learning experience. If your child is having difficulty memorizing and recognizing words, consider the apps listed to increase their vocabulary.