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The Perks of Being an Online High School Student

09 Sep

The Perks of Being an Online High School Student

Posted By: 
Mark Guay

Jan 20, 2014 6:00:00 AM

The traditional high school classroom can hold many students back. With one teacher presenting material to a large group on a set schedule, the pace is rarely right for anyone. The brightest or most prepared students in the room lose interest quickly; those who encounter obstacles may be left behind and have great difficulty catching up. Time is wasted, and many—if not most—students are bored. 

Fortunately, there is an alternative: online high school may offer a solution to each of those problems, along with other perks that may not have occurred to most parents. 


  1. Online high school students can work at their own pace. That means no twiddling their thumbs and staring out the window while they wait for a teacher to re-explain something they already understand or classmates to catch up. It also means that when a student is stuck, he can stop where he is and take the time to thoroughly understand an area before moving on. The end result is that students have the opportunity to really learn the material, not just spin their wheels.
  2. Online high school students can create a schedule that works for them. With materials accessible online around the clock, students aren’t forced into traditional school hours if they work better on a different schedule. And, if other opportunities arise, they’re free to volunteer or participate in a sport in the middle of the day and pick up their school work after dinner.
  3. Online high school students can work from any location with an Internet connection. For families accustomed to working travel opportunities, visits to relatives and other activities around school calendars, online high school can be incredibly liberating. And, being able to travel during the traditional school year without missing any school work often means access to high-demand hotels and attractions with smaller crowds and lower prices than summer travelers encounter.
  4. Online high school is adaptable. Traditional high school students are typically locked in to the type of presentation that school administrators and teachers have chosen. However, an online high school has the flexibility to offer a variety of resources. That means each student can avail herself of the educational materials most appropriate to her learning style, including live online courses, streaming video, online textbooks, email and Skype interaction with teachers and more.
  5. Online high school is ripe for enrichment. Because courses are asynchronous and materials are accessible at flexible times, it’s easy to pause a class to dig deeper in areas of the student’s interest. For example, if a science lesson would be well illustrated or expanded upon by a trip to the museum, parents have the flexibility to build that trip in without interrupting the class flow. 

Online high school offers students opportunities to excel in academics while also pursuing their own interests and creating flexibility for the family.