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Online School Teaches Students Entrepreneurship

09 Aug

Online School Teaches Students Entrepreneurship

Posted By: 
Kimberly White

Much more than simply an alternative to traditional classroom education, online school empowers students to think differently, dream bigger, and pursue futures of innovation and excellence. In a world that is becoming increasingly mobile, technologically based, and information heavy, our goal at CMASAS is not simply to help students keep up, but to push them to pave the way. One of the methods that this next generation is able to design a new way of living is through entrepreneurship.

Here are three ways that online school empowers students to become entrepreneurs. Online school prepares students for a lifestyle of entrepreneurship.

The necessary tools, varied environment and flexible work schedule of online school students is very similar to that of a lifestyle entrepreneur. A “lifestyle entrepreneur” is a person who establishes their business and makes their living online. Instead of needing a physical location to operate, all they need is a laptop and connection to the Internet to manage their business. A lifestyle entrepreneur could be living on the beaches of Costa Rica while working as a legal consultant to customers in New York City. Sounds similar to the organization of a online school where a student can live in Hawaii and receive instruction from a teacher in Utah. While this type of remote Internet-based career is very appealing to some people, it takes ingenuity, discipline, adaptability, and self motivation — skills that every successful online school student will learn and attain.

Online school provides students with freedom.

With online school, the word freedom applies to so many spheres of a student’s education. Students can pick from a long list of courses what they want to study and then have even further freedom to adapt that course along the way, focusing their education on individual goals, dreams and interests. Online school students can study when, where and how they want to and aren’t held back by a myriad of rules and agendas. All of this freedom simply empowers young people to get a jump start on their entrepreneurial endeavors. With the freedom, space and time to dream, explore, learn, practice and share their passions, online school students are well on their way towards achieving great things before they even graduate from high school.

Tools and resources for entrepreneurship are available to online school students.

With so much freedom to dream and explore, online school students will soon be brimming with ideas, passions and goals for their lives. Next they’ll need tools and resources to help direct and implement those ideas, which is where CMASAS comes in. Each of our instructors are forward-thinking and are ready to engage with and empower the entrepreneurial spirit. And perhaps the greatest tool we are able to give to students is the Career and Technical Education Course “Introduction to Entrepreneurship.” This course will give students a head start in learning about what they’ll need to own and operate a successful business. Students will explore creating a business plan, financing a business, and pricing products and services. Students will also learn more about the regulations that apply to businesses, how to market products and services, and the legal and ethical guidelines that govern businesses. This course and many other resources will put young entrepreneurs on the path towards designing their own futures and will encourage and empower them to do so with passion and excellence.