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An Online School That Fosters Creativity

05 Oct

An Online School That Fosters Creativity

Posted By: 
Kimberly White

Our broken world is craving creativity. Perhaps what our world needs most right now is the powerful optimism, courage, and uninhibited creativity we find in children and young people. Creative children ask questions, challenge stereotypical answers and have the ability to visualize a problem solved, a world made better.

Sadly many traditional school systems stifle this creativity in so many ways and in the process rob future generations of the world that could have been, if they were simply given the freedom to create.


Dr. Marvin Bartel writes about this death of creativity.

“If children grow up in a highly controlled environment with too many prohibitions, only a small percentage of them manage to persist and retain their natural creativity.

Most of their neurons and thinking habits that would have developed to make a creative mind have been pruned.

Their natural tendencies to be adventuresome, experimental, and creative become suppressed.

There may always be a very few highly creative who can resist the drill-and-kill educational methods and the excessive prohibitions of controlling parents. Tragically, the majority of children give up and accommodate.

They abandon their imaginative and creative curiosity about life in favor of more secure, but imposed and programmed kind of thinking habits. They accept answers from their instructors as correct (without enough thought).”

Factory-model classrooms are killing creativity and failing many students - the dreamers and leaders of the future. Which is why personalized, customizable, flexible and fluid online school is essential to the educational landscape of America today.

At CMASAS, creativity is a cornerstone of what we do and what we strive to teach to students. We believe that in order for students to learn, grow, and delve into remarkable lives that creativity must be celebrated and encouraged.

Online school courses give students the freedom, time and space to be creative.

Creativity of any kind, especially in learning, cannot be coerced or commanded, it heeds only the time of it’s beholder.  Students in traditional classroom settings are often not allowed to meet their full potential or express their truest creativity simply because they are bound by a schedule and a time frame. Without a bell schedule, online school students are given the freedom to begin and end classes and assignments whenever they choose. Instead of being forced to finish an assignment within a 50 minute period, online school students can delve into a writing project and continue pouring out words for hours. Most online school students have also found that if they choose, they can easily complete their school work quickly enough to allow ample time to pursue the many other spheres of life like hobbies, sports, travel, community service, and time with family.

We allow online school students to make mistakes and create again.

CMASAS students must complete courses as 80% or better, truly mastering the learning materials, not simply passing and getting by. A student struggling with a lesson is allowed to try the lesson again and to even approach it in a different way; perhaps tailoring the course even more toward the student’s learning style. This means that students are given freedom from the fear of failure. Instead they are encouraged to risk, make mistakes and try again, mastering the material in their own creative and unique way.

We encourage students to discover their true selves and engage in learning in their own creative ways.

With online school, students take an active role in their education, from the development of their education plans to collaboration with course instructors. We simply design a graduation plan around their current skills and abilities, interests, hobbies, and learning styles. Thus online school students are given the opportunity to tap into their creativity, engaging in their courses in a way that interests them most and allows them to utilize their creative skills.

It’s time to embrace a new way of thinking about and delivering instruction, one that encourages creativity, honors bravery, and respects the life of every individual student. Thank you for being a part of this creative educational movement.