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New ideas to try while in quarantine

07 Apr

New ideas to try while in quarantine

For the past few weeks (or months), you’ve probably heard the phrase “social distancing” often due to the outbreak of COVID-19. We have been asked to stay home, and to only leave the house when absolutely necessary. By this time, you’re probably running low on activity ideas for you and your student(s) outside of normal schoolwork. So, here are some new ideas to try! Hopefully, you and your family will find these ideas helpful.

Recipes: When we can’t go out to restaurants, why don’t we bring some of those international flavors into your home?

This is also a great time to bake something new as well!

Exercise: With gyms and studios closed across the nation, folks have to get creative with their workout routine. Here’s a kind of international workout challenge to get your mind (and body) outside your home!

  • The average hike on the Great Wall of China is about 5,000 steps - can you beat it?
  • Do enough mountain climbers to summit Machu Picchu (its 7,952 feet so…50 mountain climbers?)
  • There are tons of exercise videos on YouTube! Even search apartment-friendly workouts (less jumping to make downstairs neighbors happy)

In-Home Travel: Take a trip around the world!


  • Assign a country to each room of your house/apartment
  • Choose a signature food from that country, research their artwork or music!
  • Taste your creations and enjoy the tour!

Brain Challenges: Here are a couple of brain stimulants I’ve been using to keep myself in a global mindset, even from the living room couch. They could be helpful for your students too:

Academic Videos

  • Shapiro School – NPR's Ari Shapiro has been doing current events videos for his niece and nephew who are 5th graders, and sharing them on YouTubefor others to enjoy
  • Local Zoos are also doing educational videos live on social media!