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A New Font That Helps Students with Dyslexia Read

28 Nov

A New Font That Helps Students with Dyslexia Read

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

One of the many reasons online high school students come to CMASAS is because they’re looking for a greater personalized education tailored to their needs. For students with dyslexia, being forced to keep someone else’s pace can be challenging, which is why many flock to our self-paced program. Here at CMASAS, we always look for new ways to help our students succeed, and are thrilled to share this new tool!

Christian Boer, a graphic designer from the Netherlands, has designed a font to help students with dyslexia read, called Dyslexie. In a video feature sharing Boer’s creation, @HigherPerspective says: “Unlike other fonts where letters can look similar, Dyslexie’s letters have more shape variations, which removes a lot of confusion from reading.” The results so far have been staggering, indicating “when tested on students with dyslexia, 75% reported fewer mistakes.”

Dyslexie can be downloaded for free at dyslexiefont.com.