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New Enrollment Option for Students With Medical Needs

15 Aug

New Enrollment Option for Students With Medical Needs

Posted By: 
Kimberly White

At CMASAS, we not only strive to give children the best online education possible but we also seek to fully empower and care for our students in every sphere of their lives. This doesn’t mean that we can ensure that our students eat healthy meals or have good relationships with their siblings, but we do structure our enrollment programs, courses, and class work in ways that empower and aid students under many different circumstances.

Through talking with parents and students, we have discovered that one of the factors that sometimes cause students to enroll in online school is an existing medical need. Students who are battling an ailment or recovering from an injury often cannot handle the vigor of a classroom setting, the pressure of a bell system or the length of a traditional school day. Enrolling in online school broadens a student’s options and level of flexibility in their education. Because online school education is personalized and can be done wherever and whenever, students with a medical need can continue to learn without the pressure, social anxiety, and stressful environment of traditional schools.

CMASAS has recently introduced a new enrollment plan to even further aid students with a medical need. Under the Medical Full-Time Gold Level Enrollment, students have the option of taking only one course at a time, while still receiving guidance and support from their Personalized Education Coach. Between doctor’s visits, physical therapy, rigorous treatments, and much needed rest, students with a medical need often struggle to complete the full-time schedule of 6 credits in a 365 day period.

With our new medical enrollment plan, students have had less anxiety and are able to focus on completing the course at hand without having to feel behind. This enrollment option is designed for students who need to focus on their health first and foremost, while still having complete access to our instructors and coaches, the perk of full-time enrollment.

Want to learn more about our medical enrollment plan? You can read about it here or call 1-888-832-9437 ext 9. Our biggest hope and goal is for each online school student to succeed in every sphere of life, especially their health and wellness.