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Morning Rituals for Entrepreneurs

07 Sep

Morning Rituals for Entrepreneurs

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

What do Benjamin Franklin, Steve Jobs, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Lady Gaga all have in common? They all have a morning ritual.

Morning rituals are something almost all successful people do to start off their day feeding themselves so they can better serve others throughout their day. They know that much like being on an airplane that hits turbulence, you must put your own air mask on first before trying to help others.

Morning rituals can vary, but at the heart, they always prioritize doing something for oneself that benefits their mind, body, or spirit. Arianna Huffington, creator of the Huffington Post, meditates for thirty minutes every morning. Arnold Schwarzenegger works out. Lady Gaga lists things she’s grateful for. Mark Zuckerberg wears the same outfit every day to reduce decision fatigue later on. Steve Jobs would look in the mirror and ask if it were the last day of his life, if he’d want to do what he was doing that day. If the answer was “no” too many days in a row, he’d make a change.

Check out the video “Morning Rituals of Tony Robbins, Oprah, Steve Jobs, Lady Gaga, and the Most Successful People” by @ProjectLifeMastery to hear more!

When you create your own schedule either as an entrepreneur or as an online student, it can be difficult to know when to “clock out.” Setting up rituals to help you take care of yourself and start your day right sets you up for success, so you can better help the world by sharing your unique genius.

What’s your morning ritual?

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