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Mindfulness Guide for High School Students

26 Mar

Mindfulness Guide for High School Students

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

We’ve talked a lot about mindfulness here lately, and are hoping you’re pumped to join us on March 30th at 4PM PST/ 7PM EST for our Mindfulness webinar with Mark Guay and Peter Berg!

In preparation for this webinar, feel free to check out this video collaboration between @SmilingMind and ABC radio for a short, simple guided meditation designed to help high school students just beginning their practice of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is not just a fad, it’s a superpower, a public health phenomenon, and an important tool for students who have determined to set out on a new path of personalized online learning. It teaches us to become more cognizant of reactions, patterns, and priorities, while practicing curiosity and self-discovery in lieu of reactivity and blame. For students looking to build a different life, this kind of self-awareness and gentle curiosity is an essential practice toward discovering your unique genius.

“You are like the sky, and your thoughts are like the clouds. They’ll come and they’ll go, but they’re not who you are.” - @SmilingMind

** Interested in discovering more about mindfulness for online students? Our resident marketing guru and chief story-teller Mark Guay will be hosting a webinar with author, educator, and health coach Peter Berg for the CMASAS community on March 30th at 4 PM PST/ 7 PM EST. This webinar will focus solely around the concept of mindfulness, and how it can help our students to thrive both in academia as well as in life. Mark and Peter will share fundamental mindfulness techniques meant to empower teenagers and help them grow their health and happiness. Find more information about the webinar by clicking the link below!