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Mindful Learning: How Online School Helps Build a Student's Mindfulness

10 Sep

Mindful Learning: How Online School Helps Build a Student's Mindfulness

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Mindfulness is both necessary and hard to achieve in an era ruled by short attention spans. Pulled in so many directions by so many distractions, people find it difficult to stay fully in the moment. But, with students benefiting from techniques of mindful learning, there is value in learning how online school helps build a student's mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a student behavior, a way of paying attention to the material and experience as it occurs. It avoids the habitual and the routine. It pursues clarity, insight, and understanding. Mindfulness keeps students and their generation in the flow of their work, thereby, improving their life and work.

Defining Mindfulness?

Explaining "mindfulness "is a bit difficult. It is a mental, psychological, and physical discipline that focuses on the here and now. In doing so, it pushes past and future to the side in favor of attention to the present moment.

  • With attention on the experience in the moment, students can improve their study habits by increasing positive emotions and reducing stress and depression by avoiding judgments on past and future behavior
  • Students reduce distractions and improve memory and attention with the disciplined focus of mindfulness.
  • Mindfulness improves social relationships by keeping past and future in their place, reducing emotional judgments attached, and increasing optimism.
  • Mindfulness is all about paying attention, so when modeled in school, it reduces discipline and aggression issues.

Mindfulness asks students to remember to be and remain aware. It means paying attention on purpose and practicing to remain aware.

Teaching Mindfulness?

Education should promote the academic, social, and emotional well-being of students. And, there is ample evidence that public schools are failing in this universal assignment.

  • Mindfulness promotes these goals by channeling attention towards completion of productive individual tasks.
  • The discipline should encourage motivation in the face of difficulties. It promotes sharing and collaborating to conquer frustrations. and the sharing and collaboration.
  • With the focus on the present foremost, students are freed from future fears and past associations. This focus drives inter- and intra-personal skills.

Writer, editor, and politico, Arianna Huffington has introduced The Third Metric pursuing her "current passion for helping people shift focus away from striving desperately to attain the traditional and often empty societal measures of success (money and power), and instead, focus on thriving – a process of building a rewarding, stimulating and healthy life that opens the door for more meaning, purpose, joy, peace and well-being."

Mindfulness and online education?

Asynchronous, self-paced, and individually designed online curriculum plans enable a mindful approach to elementary and high-school education.

  • Because the learning is self-paced, the student has time to practice centering activities for a few minutes before lessons.
  • Students can learn to focus on lessons as present unit-tasks they complete at their direction and speed.
  • The system encourages creative response to the moment developing creativity as a skill and self-perpetuating talent.
  • Learning to value and use sensory experience promotes retention and engagement.

Mindfulness has developed into an industry that blends meditation technique, spiritualism, and psychology with some confusion. But, online school models are natural matches for the opportunity and needs presented by mindful education. It enables a variety of learning styles, individual interests, and personal goals. Its entire structure and mechanics are based on the potential for creativity, personal empowerment, and purposeful living outside the restraints of traditional bricks and mortar education. This is personalized education at its finest. It is very much the nature of online high school to be current, engaging, and in the moment.

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