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Meet The Staff: Instructor Julie Radachy

10 Jul

Meet The Staff: Instructor Julie Radachy


Hi Julie, tell us a little about your passions outside of work.

I love animals, and being able to work from home with my dogs, cat, and birds is the best! No matter what  I’m doing, I always have music playing in the background, and I enjoy making my own as well! I play the organ, piano, and flute. In addition, I love spending time volunteering at my church and playing tennis when I get the opportunity. I also enjoy reading and writing.


What subjects do you teach?

I teach high school English courses.


What drew you to work in education?

Two things: teaching and learning. I love being able to share something I’ve learned with others, and I love learning new things. In the field of education, I get to do both every day!


What is your favorite book? Why?

My favorite book actually includes several because I love all of those that have the Peanuts comics, especially those which feature Snoopy.  He’s my favorite!


How can parents and students contact you?

Skype: Radachyj

Email: Jradachy@cmasas.org

Phone: 503-226-7374 Ext. 652