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Meet the Staff: High School Instructor Lynne Dolph

04 May

Meet the Staff: High School Instructor Lynne Dolph

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Kimberly White

Meet Mrs. Lynne Dolph, high school instructor and art enthusiast. We hope you're enjoying getting to know your CMASAS instructors! 

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I happily call Yakima, Washington home. My husband Eric and I live in the middle of town. We have one cat, Ada. My son has been married for nearly six years and is nearby in Yakima. My personal interests are pretty much the same as the subjects I instruct; this is pretty much ideal. 

Residing in the Pacific Northwest was a quite intentional choice made long ago, thus a favorite activity is enjoying a number of locations in the region for day-trips or sometimes longer excursions. Yakima, WA is nicely central to a number of favorite areas. The Olympic Peninsula is an especially favorite destination. I confess to being an occasional binge-watcher of movies and shows through Netflix or Hulu; we do not have a TV by choice. I also can spend quite a lot of time with art or music activities. 

Why do you love to teach? 

Throughout my life I have been curious about all aspects of the world. This has been particularly true for the natural sciences and social sciences. The arts, visual and music have also been rewarding pursuits since early childhood. As I find exploring, learning, and creating based on these themes quite rewarding, I am passionate about guiding students to discover and follow their interests and dreams

What types of courses/grades do you teach at CMASAS?

Science and Arts Courses: Biology, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Astronomy, Special Topics in Science, and Great Minds in Science. 

Special Topics in Art: Drawing, Painting, Design, Studio Art, and Special Topics in Art.  

Occasional math courses by request. 

These are all at the high school level. 

What inspired you to want to teach at an online school that emphasizes personalized education vs a site-specific traditional school?

I have known since my early experiences in the primary grades that education must be individualized. Although I learned how to cope with a traditional public education, I always knew this was far from ideal. Teaching for a short time in the public school system and significantly longer at a tribal school that followed many of the same approaches, I was quite ready when personalized online education found me. Fortunately, the tribal school years had allowed me the opportunity and space to practice a high level of individualization of instruction even while coping with a tradition classroom setting and the typical school structure. Transitioning to online simply allowed this preparation and understanding to be fully implemented. It is wonderful to guide students in being personally in the driver’s seat with their education. My work with students is truly a partnership. 

How are you able to help students in creating a truly personalized learning experience? 

In working with students, I am all about options and alternatives. The courses I have designed have numerous options built in. The arts courses are all competency based with a custom plan developed based on the interests and goals of each student. Thus, all students essentially have personalized learning experiences. The real fun often begins with I am able to work with a student in several courses at once; in particular working simultaneously in a science and an arts course has allowed students to pursue some quite unique interdisciplinary projects that address concepts and competencies in two or more courses. Some of the projects involving Biology or Environmental Science and Drawing or Photography have been particularly delightful to witness.

As an online school teacher, what does a typical day look like for you? 

Even though there is a vast amount of flexibility possible as an online instructor, it has been most useful for me to have some basic structure to the day. Although, I did an okay imitation of being a morning person for decades, I truly am not so. Thus my work day begins an hour or so later than a traditional teacher. I tend to intersperse a number of the household tasks, errands, occasionally some shorter creative or musical activities throughout the day. Tending to outdoor matters such as gardening, tending to the clothesline, taking walks, and related are good excuses to get away from the computer and be more active. It is great to be able to visit with friends on occasion. The flexibility and part-time status is important at this life stage personally. The music is nearly always on; dancing happens sometimes.   

What is one dream you have for your students’ happiness and health that you enjoy encouraging them in? 

I hope all of my students will remain curious, but also apply critical thinking. There are so many wonderful things to discover and appreciate. There are also many varied claims being made about most matters; some of these are not worthy of trust and have serious unfavorable consequences. Creating and building in personally satisfying modes and fields is something I hope all of my students will experience. Mostly, it is my wish that all of my students ultimately achieve success with their dreams. The key to this is that they build the tools and attitudes to be self-directing learners. 

What is a goal or dream that you are currently working towards? 

Since I have yet to encounter a visual arts medium that is not attractive, I continue to paint and create. The past several years though, my attention has turned much more to music; I will continue enjoying and growing with guitar, mandolin, and mountain dulcimer. I enjoy piano and keyboard as well. I enjoy getting together with friends to play on occasion. 

How can parents and students contact you? 

Email: ldolph@cmasas.org   

Phone: 888-832-9437 ext. 636

Skype: lynne.dolph