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Meet The Staff: Digital Media Specialist Mary Johnson

10 Jul

Meet The Staff: Digital Media Specialist Mary Johnson



Hi Mary, tell me about your passions outside of work:

I'm always up for any outdoor adventure! Outside of CMASAS I love to hike, golf, and travel. I also enjoy trying new restaurants around Portland and seeing movies on the big screen!


What is your role at CMASAS?

As the Digital Media Specialist, I update our website, write a weekly newsletter, post on our social media pages, and help create new marketing material for our school!


What drew you to work in education?

My mom, aunts, cousins, and family friends all work in schools. I guess you could say I joined the family business! After working in local news for 3 years, I was excited to find a career opportunity that combined my passion for digital media and my passion for education.


What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

I love being able to highlight all of the amazing things our students and staff do inside and outside of school. We are an amazing community that continues to grow each year!


What is a goal or dream that you are currently working towards?

I am currently training to run a half marathon! I’ve always enjoyed running but have never pushed myself to run a full 13.1 miles. This is something that I’ve had on my 20’s bucket list, and I’m excited check it off in October 2018!


What is one piece of advice that you would offer students today?

My advice is don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. If there is an assignment that needs clarification, send a quick message to the course instructor. They’re here to help you!


Do you have any credentials that you would like to share?

I graduated from Oregon State University with Bachelors of Arts in New Media Communications and International Studies. Go Beavs!