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Meet the Staff: Assistant Director of Curriculum & Technology Tami Warnick

25 Mar

Meet the Staff: Assistant Director of Curriculum & Technology Tami Warnick

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Kimberly White

Hi Tami! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Just wanted to introduce myself to you.  I live in Northern Utah in an area called Cache Valley.  I am in the Mountain Time zone.  I have been teaching online for over 20 years and love the opportunities it provides for me and my students.  I enjoy gardening and spending time with my family.  I have three kids of my own, a boy, and two girls.

Why do you love working in education?

I love helping students understand new concepts and get to that “AHA” moment.  I enjoy the opportunities online learning gives students to explore their dreams.

What does your job look like? How do you help make CMASAS what it is?

As a teacher I currently teach Chemistry and Forensic Science.

As the assistant director of technology I provide technical support for students and staff. I also do all the behind the scenes technology stuff with our systems and programs.  This includes setting up students in Microsoft Office 365, creating all of the course sections, setting Buzz and Genius, and any other technology item needed.

As the curriculum director I am in charge of finding, evaluating, and approving the curriculum that we use. This also includes writing our own PEG curriculum.  We are currently starting our redevelopment of all our PEG curriculum.

What inspired you to want to work at an online school that emphasizes personalized education vs a site-specific traditional school?

I love providing an opportunity for students to learn in the way that is best for them.  I struggled with reading and language arts in school and didn’t really get any different opportunities to learn the way I learn best.  I am a very visual, hands-on type of learner so sometimes a lecture just didn’t work for me.  So to be able to help others find the way that they learn best and then provide them with alternatives to accomplishing their goals is very rewarding for me.

Do you have a favorite story from your time at CMASAS where you feel you helped a family or a student create a truly personalized learning experience?

I don’t really have one particular story but over the past 14 years I have seen so many students that have never felt successful in their education and then they come to us and receive the personalized learning along with the mastery based, self-paced model and discover that they can be successful.  It is so fun to see a student get their first A grade and learn to love learning. I have also seen how the personalized model has helped students who struggle with health issues.  It makes an education possible for them and gives them hope.

What is one dream you have for CMASAS families that you enjoy encouraging them in?

My one dream for CMASAS families is that students will learn to take the lead in their learning and learn to love learning.

What is a goal or dream that you are currently working towards?

I am currently working toward earning my Masters of Education degree with an emphasis in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences.  I have been taking classes for the past two years and will graduate in May 2016.

How can students and parents contact you?

Email: twarnick@cmasas.org

Phone: 503-406-3760 or 888-832-9437 ext. 664