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Camille Zimmerman

Camille Zimmerman

Middle & High School PEC/CI
Middle & High School PEC/CI
BA in Developmental Psychology
Multiple Subject Clear Credential from UCSB California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

Camille lives in Orange County, California. She has been married to her husband for over 30 years and together they have raised three children. During their schooling years, her children had the opportunity to be homeschooled, attend private school, and public school. Camille is inspired by God’s creation and takes the opportunity to go to the mountains, the beach, or a lake whenever possible. She loves to snowboard, ski, play volleyball, eat chocolate, read, garden, decorate, and spend time shopping and eating with friends and family.

She loves the joy of learning and helping students achieve their potential. Now that she is done educating her own children, she is thankful that she has the opportunity to help others discover their gifts and talents. She enjoys walking alongside and encouraging them to pursue their dreams. She also loves helping students connect with other students all over the world.

Camille works as a Personalized Education Coach at CMASAS. She views her job as the hub of a wheel in which she helps connect students with resources, creates learning plans, helps set goals, and helps students make connections with other students and teachers. She helps make CMASAS personal to each student by mentoring, encouraging, and motivating them as they navigate these critical years.

She believes in CMASAS's philosophy because she doesn't believe one size fits all. She saw this with her own children when one year found all of them in separate learning environments. Her oldest was attending a public school, one twin was attending a private school, and the other twin was homeschooled. She thinks the results of traditional education are inferior to a personalized education. She loves getting to know her students and helping personalize an education where they can work towards a diploma while not having to give up what they love to do. She love to see the love for learning emerge in each student as they are able to learn the way that works best for them.

She enjoys helping students become empowered to take control of their own education, to discover that education is not something that is forced on them, but rather something they can pursue in a way that is guided by their interests, talents, and individual learning styles.

She looks forward to this next stage of life and seeing what God has planned for her now that her twins have graduated from college. She is eager to use what she has learned in the last 23 years as both a teacher and a parent to invest in the next generation. She would also like to travel more and be exposed to other cultures.