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Medical Plan

Medical Full-Time Gold Enrollment

Students look for an alternative to their traditional experience due to many factors - including medical needs. We have found that completing 6 credits in a 365 day period isn't realistic in some circumstances. Students who have enolled in the medical plan have responded very well. Students have had less anxiety of falling behind and are able to focus on completing the course at hand. This enrollment is designed for students who need to focus on their health first and foremost, while still having access to one of our highly trained Personalized Education coaches on a continual basis.

Tuition is an initial $445.00 Registration fee plus $100.00/month ongoing tuition for the year. Each course can be added at a discounted Individual Course enrollment of $450 for each semester course. Tuition for semester courses are paid at the time of the course being requested for the student. Students can enroll in as many or few courses as the student is able to take over the course of the year.  To learn more about this option and for enrollment information, please contact one of our enrollment counselors directly by calling our toll-free number: +1-888-832-9437.



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All enrollment plans provide Foundations in Personalized Learning as the initial course and count toward the total number of credits/courses for the plan selected.

Payments include a 3% convenience fee.  Payments may be made by echeck or wire without the 3% convenience fee.  Please contact our office for payment/invoicing options.

  • Algebra I and World Language courses may be taken at the 8th grade level for high school credit for an additional $100/semester course fee.
  • Tuition must be paid in full at time of graduation or withdrawal.
  • Courses receiving an Incomplete or Withdrawal count toward enrollment credit and appear on transcript as credit attempted but not completed. See our Policies page for more information. Requires 30-day withdrawal notice for all options.

**Semester enrollments are for a term of six months from the date of enrollment.

***Platinum Plan courses are for the tuition level plan chosen only and must be completed within the Plan enrollment term.  Any courses still in progress count toward renewal enrollment plan.