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Life as a Highly Sensitive Person

10 Jul

Life as a Highly Sensitive Person

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

The tag of your shirt is itching infuriatingly as the crowd bumbles against you, snippets of conversation and energetic runoff melding around you in soupy portions. You put your head down and make your way home, not understanding why the bright lights on the street are making you anxious, why that two hour conference with your prickly advisor has left you so exhausted.

If you resonate with this, you may be what Dr. Elaine Arons has coined: a “Highly Sensitive Person.”

Shir Levi is a Highly Sensitive Person. Her popular YouTube video entitled “Life as a Highly Sensitive Person” takes us through facts she’s learned by studying the work done by Dr. Elaine Arons, as well as how she’s learned to live and thrive as an HSP.

So what is an HSP? Levi says, “From the entire population, only about 15-20% can be categorized as a Highly Sensitive Person. These people tend to have increased sensitivity to stimulation, like: bright lights, loud sounds, strong smells, and aggressive commercials. They tend to notice subtleties and experience life in a much deeper, reflective way.”

She describes being an HSP as “like seeing life in High Definition, but not only the physical things, but also the things that you can’t really see, but actually feel, like emotions and energies and complex situations. This can lead to Highly Sensitive People being easily tired and overwhelmed.”

However, there are many benefits to being an HSP. Levi lists some of the gifts that can accompany being an HSP as: empathy, compassion, intuition, experiencing a deep connection with yourself and others, and  “being able to enjoy subtle art and music and things that no one else sees.”

Through her video, she lists several practical tips toward living as an HSP, and even shows a clip of a time in her life where she had to embrace her innate disposition and honor herself. When it comes down to it, Levi says: “Realizing that you’re highly sensitive and being compassionate and loving toward yourself is 90% of the work.”

She ends by saying, “These emotions that I pushed aside for so many years have become my greatest guides. They teach me what is right for me, what is wrong for me, how to let go of people and situations that do not serve me anymore, and how to build a life out of my heart.”

How will you take care of yourself today?

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