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Kid President Presents: The Scariest Things in the World

30 Oct

Kid President Presents: The Scariest Things in the World

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

With Halloween upon us, many of us embrace all things scary for one night a year. For one night, we decide it’s okay to be scared.

But what about the other 364 days of the year?

Did you know that 75% of people say they fear public speaking more than they fear death? Death?!

Whether we like it or not, fear is our sidekick, and it’s time to recognize its importance, because fear often gets a bad rap. (For those of you wondering, a bad rap is dishonor resulting from false accusations. A bad wrap, according to Grammarist.com, is “an unappetizing sandwich made of fillings wrapped in a tortilla.”) But back to fear.

Fear can actually be a useful tool. It advises us not to touch the the spiky wiggle-bottom in our backyard (otherwise known as a porcupine) or lets us know how important something is to us by telling us how afraid we are to fail at it. Muhammad Ali said: “We can’t be brave without fear,” and bravery, certainly, is not a trait anyone ever said they’d like less of.

So to be more brave, we must face our fears, whether that’s speaking in public, dancing alone in a crowd, or saying the word “moist.”

As the Kid President from @SoulPancake says in this inspiring video on flipping fear: “Scariest thing in the world would be you not really living. Not really dancing the dance that you’re meant to be dancing.”

Today, ask yourself: What fear would you like to conquer? Then ask yourself: How brave do you want to be today?