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How to Tell if You’re a Highly Sensitive Person

12 Jul

How to Tell if You’re a Highly Sensitive Person

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

They may have called you: Daydreamer. Bleeding Heart. Reclusive. They may have said things like: “toughen up” or “get over it.”

Maybe you’ve spent your whole life always feeling a little bit different from everyone else; a little bit out of step.

Maybe you thought you were just the names they called you. Or maybe you’re one of the 15-20% of the population who are HSPs: Highly Sensitive People.

But how can you know?

In the bite-sized video by Joanna Kujath entitled “How to Tell if You’re a Highly Sensitive Person,” Kujath lists the many factors that may determine if you possess high sensitivity or not. It’s an important question to consider, as many HSPs have reported finding peace and empowerment through their unique make-up once they found out there was a name for what they experienced.

Some of the factors Kujath correlates with HSPs are: Having a more sensitized nervous system, being bothered by sensory stimulation such as bright lights, loud sounds, or strong smells, being more aware of the subtleties of one’s environment, being extremely empathic, and having a strong physical sense of people’s “vibes” or energy.

Did you know there was such a thing as HSPs?

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