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How to Tell an Accredited Online High School

19 Oct

How to Tell an Accredited Online High School

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As parents, we all want the best for our children, regardless of their circumstances. If all children were the same, determining what "the best" is wouldn't be difficult to ascertain. However, for children who have disabilities or for those who are gifted, finding an educational path for them can be extremely challenging. Fortunately, with the ever expanding nature of the internet and with the educational opportunities available today, having children attend an online high school to complete their secondary educations. 

Why Online Schools?

For most children, attending a public or private high school will provide them with a great education and plenty of opportunities and preparation for a higher education at a college or university. Be that as it may, for children who don't fit into a standard category, finding those same educational opportunities is a lot more challenging. These children may not fit into a standard category due to disability or illness, or because of a special gift such as an athletic, artistic or musical ability which presents both parents and their children with unusual challenges on time, mental focus and physical abilities. 

Having access to accredited online schools restores those educational opportunities they would otherwise miss. Schools such as online high schools that provide asynchronous class schedules, teacher access via email, telephone or Skype, live classrooms as well as other interactive support options gives these special students all the tools they need to succeed. 

The key to online education and future success for these children is to ensure the school is accredited. Having an education is great, but without the accreditation behind that education, leveraging the knowledge they've gained for entrance to an institute of higher learning can be problematic. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to ensure an online high school is accredited.

Ways To Tell If An Online School Is Accredited

There are several organizations who adhere to set standards for national and international accreditation and, if an online educational institution wants to become accredited, they have to adhere to these standards as well. As an example, the CMA School of the Arts and Sciences has been accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission which not only provides direct accreditation for states in the northwest, but is also part of AdvancED which is an educational community covering over 30,000 public and private schools all over the US and 70 other countries worldwide, educating over 13 million students. 

All accrediting commissions adhere to a common credit acceptance policy which is common to all member institutions. This common credit method enables a student to move from one facility to another without losing any credits or being penalized for the education they've gained. Also, other institutions such as the NCAA Eligibility Center will recognize these credits for students who wish to become college athletes.

Parents for children who cannot follow a standard educational path have more options than ever to provide their children with a great education. For those who have children with special challenges, both positive and negative, taking advantage of an online high school could be the solution they've been searching for.