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How Teacher Mentors Build Entrepreneurial Students

10 Sep

How Teacher Mentors Build Entrepreneurial Students

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Apr 9, 2014 6:00:00 AM

While entrepreneurship is indeed booming in certain areas of the United States, especially in tech hubs like San Francisco, Miami, Austin, and Boston, there is still a distinct lack of entrepreneurship and leadership classes and teaching methods in most schools. When newspapers relate test scores to the success of the school, there's little school leaders and teachers can do to boost students' entrepreneurial skills. 

Better known as personalized education, teachers part of an online school curriculum are helping students find their passions in life. They act as mentors and build up entrepreneurial students who aren't afraid to take risks and build their own businesses from their basements or garages. This means less businesses closing up shop, like the whopping 70,000 businesses shuttering annually in the last six years.

Online schools have changed immensely in the last few years. A majority of them are accredited and offer a smaller classroom experience with invaluable tools such as virtual whiteboards, webcam and microphone usage in virtual classrooms, desktop sharing, all the while having an accessible teacher through email and Skype. But how can online schools, and the teachers through them, instill entrepreneurship in young students? There are several ways.

  • When a student is in personalized education, it means they have the ability to choose how they learn and figure out what inspires them. Most virtual classrooms have asynchronous schedules that mean the student can log on and do the work when it is most convenient for them. But they also get the benefit of a supportive teacher who also acts as a mentor, guiding them through every subject and discovering the student's strongest skills
  • The teachers are in tune with students with a variety of tools and resources and instead of worrying about test numbers, teachers can instead focus on cultivating real world skills and entrepreneurial habits in students.
  • The work provided by the teacher isn't created to inflate school numbers. Every course is tailored for curiosity, critical thinking, out-of-the-box thinking, and building up other skills that entrepreneurs possess and need for a successful business. Once the student has graduated, they will be ready to start their own business with confidence.

Your son or daughter may be the next Steve Jobs. The next Bill Gates or Marissa Mayer might be attending online school right now and their entrepreneurial spirit needs to be properly shaped by the right kind of teacher and mentor in a personalized education program. The right kind of teacher can make or break a student's passion in entrepreneurship, so why not give children their best possible experience with mentor teachers found only at online schools?