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How to Start a Bullet Journal

06 Dec

How to Start a Bullet Journal

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

Earlier this week, we spoke about the benefits of using a bullet journal to plan for success instead of a traditional planner. At CMASAS, our online high school students know by experiencing our personalized program that education doesn’t have to come in a Scantron bubble or brick and mortar building. We don’t expect our students to fit within a standard-issued box, so it makes sense our planners shouldn’t either! In their video entitled “How to Start a Bullet Journal,” Noelle from @Seventeen magazine walks us through how to create your perfect planner that’s just as unique as you are. Check it out, and we promise, you’ll be inspired to head to the craft store to pick out your notebook and pens!

Already use the bullet journal system? Leave a comment below and share how it’s worked out for you!