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How to Prioritize When You Have ADHD

01 Aug

How to Prioritize When You Have ADHD

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

Your life always seems to be running away from you. You feel like you’re always so busy, and yet, you’re generally dissatisfied, feeling like you’re missing out on the things that matter. Why is this? You prioritize, you make to-do lists, you even read blogs about time-management. But did you know that “Important” and “Urgent” are actually two very different things?

Everything in today’s society feels urgent. In the world of one-day shipping and new hot social platforms cropping up every day, it makes sense that we’ve learned to mistake “Urgent” for “Important.” In her incredibly entertaining and insightful video “How to Prioritize When You Have ADHD: The Matrix”, Jessica, creator of popular YouTube channel “How to ADHD” shows us what she terms “The Matrix”, AKA how our brain processes priorities. The Matrix has four categories: Important and Urgent, Important but Not Urgent, Not Important but Urgent, and Not Important and Not Urgent. Optimally, we want all the tasks that best serve and grow our lives to fit into the Important and Urgent box. But do they?

And what’s the difference between urgent and important?

According to Jessica, “Urgent stuff requires immediate attention and has immediate consequences.” Getting up so you’re not late to class or work is urgent. The consequence is failing or getting fired. But that story in your newsfeed is also urgent, because you know if you don’t read it now, it will be buried by two hundred more the next time you check. Immediate attention + immediate consequence = urgent.

Conversely, Jessica tells us: “Important stuff is whatever helps us achieve our personal or professional goals.” That novel you want to write? That’s important. Getting into peak performance shape? That’s important too. There’s only one problem. They’re not urgent. Unless you’re an author working under a firm deadline from your publisher, finishing your novel will fall in the “Important but Not Urgent” box. Unless you’re an athlete training for a big competition, getting into shape will not feel urgent either.

This means that oftentimes, we do what feels urgent first, EVEN IF IT’S NOT IMPORTANT. The trick, according to Jessica, is finding ways to move important things that aren’t urgent-- like writing that novel-- into the urgent box by adding a deadline, or putting it into your planner or routine.

Jessica says, “Taking care of things while they’re important but not yet urgent is your best insurance against feeling like your life is getting away from you.” Check out her visually dynamic video to learn more!

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