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How to Plan your Week

19 Nov

How to Plan your Week

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

Ever had a day where you woke up with the whole day free, thought to yourself: “man, I’m going to get so much done today!” and then proceeded to do nothing besides get dressed and find out what your friends posted on Facebook because you had way too many options you didn’t know where to start?

This excellent video on how to plan your week by The Art of Manliness could be a great tool for you.

“You need to think of your weekly calendar as an attack plan for your life: it’s where you hash out your tactics and the logistics to make your long-term vision a reality.”

And how do we do that? The Art of Manliness gives us eight simple steps to success:

  1. Pick a day of the week to go over your weekly attack plan

  2. Pick your calendar/planning tool

What’s your pleasure for planning? This is where you get to choose the modality that jives best for YOU. Do you prefer for everything to be digital? Use a digital calendar like iCalendar or Outlook. Do you process better when you can physically write things down? Buy yourself a good oldfashioned planner or notebook, and a pen you love writing with. (It may seem like a silly detail, but having a great pen that really does improve your user experience.)  

  1. Start planning with a Mind Dump

“The first thing that I do in my weekly plan session is perform what I call a “mind dump” in order to free up mental RAM.” We all have a to-do list constantly running in our heads. It’s why we often become paralyzed when we actually have free time: we don’t know what to do first! The mind dump is an important way to start a planning session, because as The Art of Manliness tells us, “these unfinished mental tasks are like programs you have running on your computer… but you aren’t actually using them.” Doing the mind dump will get all those tasks out of your buffer zone so you can focus on other things.

  1. Reflect on the previous week

During this time, assess how you did in your previous week, and use that information to help you create a better, more tailored plan for success.

  1. Set weekly goals

  2. Add in reocurring time blocks

Block out regular times in your calendar for things that will help keep you sharp and at your best self: things like going to the gym, hanging with friends, or reading a book.

  1. Plan your “Big Rocks” first

Big rocks refer to the most important goals you have for the week. When planning, do your “big rocks” first, and plan everything else around them.

  1. Review and adjust

Sadly, life does not always fit inside even the most carefully laid plans. Embrace that a plan is just a plan, and tweak your calendar daily to adjust. If anything, this is a great exercise in being flexible.

So there you have it! Eight practical steps to help you plan for success. What are your “Big Rock” goals for the week?