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How Part Time Enrollment Empowers Students

11 Jul

How Part Time Enrollment Empowers Students

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Kimberly White

There is one fundamental fact that the majority of schools continually overlook, a fact that hinders these schools’ ability to succeed as wonderful educators.

That fact is this: no one student is alike.

Each young person has their own set of dreams, goals, interests and also challenges, inhibitions and restraints. Because of the limitations of traditional schools, most will be unable to properly serve each and every student. However, with personalized education systems that online school’s provide, no student is overlooked.

One of the ways that CMASAS celebrates and caters to each student’s uniqueness is our part time enrollment programs. Part time enrollment at CMASAS allows students to choose how many classes they will take at one time and when each class will begin and end. These part time programs keep students on track towards graduating while also providing them with the flexibility to succeed as holistic people.

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With part time enrollment, students can build their school schedules around their passions.

Many young people have dreams and ambitions that traditional schools inhibit them from pursuing. Semester schedules are often very rigid and do not allow flexibility within the calendar year for students to live balanced lives. For example, an avid snowboarder who wants to train all winter and travel to the best slopes would have a really hard time doing so at a traditional school. But with online school and flexible part time enrollment, he could choose to study in the summer while pursuing his passion for snowboarding in the winter.

CMASAS student Zenya has dreams of being a professional ballet dancer and spends much of her days taking classes and performing.

“CMASAS has let me be able to focus more on my dance than any other regular school has ever allowed me,” Zenya says. “When I have performances coming up CMASAS is willing to let me focus most of my attention on the performances, which helps a great deal and lets me perform at my best. The CMASAS school lets me go for my dream while also letting me have an amazing education.”

Part time enrollment empowers many students with the freedom they need to achieve academic excellence while also pursuing their passions.

With part time enrollment, students are also better able to battle life challenges they may facing.

Though extremely difficult and tragic, some young people encounter challenges and circumstances that make full time school schedules unbearable. Becoming ill, being a victim of a trauma, facing a death in the family, undergoing a life transition — some occurrences simply inhibit students from healthily handling the pressures of full time schooling.

Part time online school allows students space and time to heal, process and cope with whatever challenge they are facing. CMASAS’s flexible course programs give students a necessary break from academics. Advisors, teachers, and administrators at CMASAS will all be very sensitive and accommodating to student's current situations. It is our hope that with CMASAS’s flexible part time programs that students will be empowered to overcome the opposition they are encountering and will become healthier, stronger and more whole individuals well on their way to graduating from High School and pursuing successful lives.

Do you think part time enrollment in online school might be a great option for your student? Learn more by contacting us with any questions. CMASAS is passionate about finding the perfect academic program for every individual student.