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How Online School Prepares Students for Future Careers

05 Jul

How Online School Prepares Students for Future Careers

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Kimberly White

Nearly every child has a desire within them to slow down time and never grow old. It’s the Peter Pan in every youth that shies away from adult ways of life. As educators, it’s important to allow children to act as children throughout their studies, while also empowering them with the principles and tools they need to become thriving adults.

The transition from youth into adulthood is a bit challenging for everyone, yet student’s of online schools are prepared for college and careers in unique and immense ways. Online school students are taught practical lessons that are easily applicable in work places and careers, such as the ability to think globally, to stay organized, to work in a variety of settings, and to use technology well. Here are three of the most prominent ways in which online school prepares students for careers.

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1. Time Management

Online school courses are completely self-paced which gives students the freedom to manage their own time. Learning time management is not easy yet it is an incredibly necessary skill for successful individuals to possess. Being the master of their own time forces students to learn valuable lessons about themselves that they will use in college and future careers — what time of day are they most focused, do they prefer to do numerous easy tasks first or tackle larger projects, do they work well under rigid deadlines or should they make a timeline of projects to complete... Learning how to manage one’s time empowers a scattered youth to become a productive young adult.

2. Self-Motivation

It is highly unlikely that any employer will physically assist their employee in getting out of bed in the morning and making it to work on time. Thus in order to complete any task in the adult world, students will need to learn to self motivate. Teachers can communicate with their students and instruct them every week or even every day, but due to the remote nature of online school, students will be given a greater responsibility in motivating themselves to begin any given task. When this will-power is learned, students are that much closer to being exceptional members of the work force and are given the satisfaction of knowing that they can believe in themselves to begin and end any project.

3. Communicating With Others

Interacting with online school teachers isn’t difficult yet it requires a different way of communicating. Writing a nice email that clearly articulates questions takes time to learn how to do. Similarly, becoming comfortable while talking on the telephone to strangers can be a challenge and is an acquired skill. As the landscape of many businesses have become increasingly technology based, it is no longer uncommon for someone of any profession to conference call, Skype or email a client or coworker. Online school students will have numerous opportunities to learn how to be excellent communicators in a variety of ways.

At CMASAS, we strive to ensure that every student is prepared for their chosen path and together we know we can touch the future.