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How Online School Instructors Help Students Discover Their Learning Style

26 Jul

How Online School Instructors Help Students Discover Their Learning Style

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Kimberly White

Ask any third grader what their favorite ice cream flavor is and they will surely have a definite answer. Or ask a handful of sixth graders who their favorite athletes are and you’ll receive a whole myriad of responses. Children learn from a young age how to differentiate preferences and pick favorites. It’s part of the process of developing into a unique individual.

Though it’s easy to pick a favorite ice cream, it can often be challenging for young people to determine other more important preferences and “best fits.” How do I learn best? What are the proper motivators I can use? How do I prefer to communicate with others? At what pace can I push myself to learn and complete tasks? These are questions that children and teens are never taught to ask themselves and rarely do educators give young people the tools they need to determine these important preferences.

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At CMASAS however, our Personalized Education Coaches (PECs) strive to help children discover their best learning style and their own methods for encountering education. When courses are personalized, self paced and mastery-based, students are given the freedom to discover how they learn best and shape their educational experience through that lens.

When a student enrolls with CMASAS full-time, one of the first assessments they take is the "Learning Styles Assessment". This gives their PEC a quick, detailed report of how they learn best. Students also take a Scantron Assessment Test, which is crucial for PECs to determine what level the student is at in reading, math, and language arts for their grade level. CMASAS’s flexible personalized education model allows PECs and instructors to alter and tweak courses as the student progresses. These initial assessments provide a great jumping-off point for students new to the school.

Throughout their time enrolled in online school, Personalized Education Coaches will get to know each student's personal strengths, weaknesses and personality, which makes them a perfect advocate during the course planning process and throughout instruction. Students also have the option to participate in their PEC's homeroom, a weekly virtual gathering with the PEC and other students in attendance. This homeroom is not mandatory, but it gives students a chance to be social and ask any questions they might have in a casual environment.

Empowering students to discover their individual preferred learning style is important as it will enable them to successfully advance through their education, go on to college and fully know themselves in relation to jobs and a career.

At CMASAS we want to get to know each of our students on a personal level and empower them in a completely holistic sense — we’d like to know their favorite ice cream flavor, their level in math, the types of books they like to read, their passion for marine biology, and their dreams of building airplanes.

Together we can empower students to be remarkable.