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How Online High School Can Save the Bullied Child

09 Sep

How Online High School Can Save the Bullied Child

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Shane was in his first year of high school and his mother watched her normally easy-going son become more and more depressed.  While he was capable of getting high grades, his first quarter grades saw him failing almost every class and those he did pass, he just squeaked by.  When he came home each day, he went straight to his room.  She had figured he was simply getting used to the added workload of being in high school, but his grades didn't indicate he'd been working at all.  

A meeting with the school principal didn't help clear things up.  All he told her was that Shane's teachers mentioned he was very quiet and didn't seem to be making friends.  Shane's mother decided she'd have to get him to open up or things were going to get worse.  When he came in from school the next afternoon, he hurried past her and wouldn't look in her direction.  Following him to his room, she heard sobbing from the other side of the closed door.  She knocked gently, then entered.

When Shane looked up, she knew he had been in a fight.  His eye was already circled with a dark bruise and his cheek was scraped and bruised.  When she asked what happened, he only cried harder.  He told her how a group of older students had picked him as their target this year.  They called him names, tripped him, and generally made each day horrible.  

Shane's mother had seen ads for online high school and decided she would check into it and see if that might be an option for her son, rather than have him face the ridicule and bullying each day.  She was afraid that it would only get worse.

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When a child feels the need to look over his shoulder constantly, he can't concentrate on doing what he should be: learning.  When all your energy is spent in survival mode, there is little left for anything else. 

A bullied student,

*Has lower self-esteem

*Gets lower grades

*Is often absent from school

*Is at risk of dropping out

*Is at risk of committing suicide.

Enter Online High School

The bullied student is a wonderful candidate for online high school. Without the stress of constantly being on guard, these students can concentrate on learning what is necessary, and often find they thoroughly enjoy school.

*Self esteem begins to grow with each success.

*Love of learning returns.

*Family and social life become more pleasant as the student's mood lightens.

*Student often opts to continue his education past high school.

Once Shane started attending an online high school, he once again became the easy-going child he once was. He started outside art classes and found he had a real talent. The stress of worrying about getting home safe disappeared and he now had hope for his future.  With each success, his confidence increased until he was making A's and B's in all his classes, excelling at art and making plans for a future as a psychologist.  His smile had returned.