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How Music Connects Us All

09 Jan

How Music Connects Us All

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay


What’s playing through your earbuds right now? What do you like about it? Is it the rhythm? The haunting melody? The beat that gets inside your blood and vibrates like a thousand tiny elves jumping in tandem?

Whatever it is, it can’t be denied that music is powerful. Music is part of every culture. It lifts us. It connects us.  And according to Chin Injeti, Grammy Award Winner Record Producer, music heals.

Chin Injeti was born in India and raised in Toronto. From an early age, he became crippled by Polio, a devastating disease that took his ability to walk. He recalls waking up in the hospital after an operation, and all he could hear was his heartbeat. It rang, steady and high in the air, like bell. He began harmonizing with it, and when his nurse came in to check on him, she saw what he was doing, and harmonized on top of it. This moment changed his life.

“At that point, I looked back and I realized that music is my language. Music is everyone’s language… It didn’t matter what language you spoke. Somehow the gift of melody, rhythm, and the proper cadence of a lyric really spoke to everybody in the same way.”

From that day forward, Injeti lived his life through music. When he learned to walk again using clanking leg braces and metal crutches, he made the rhythmic clatter of his gait into his life’s soundtrack.

Today, Injeti is an award-winning Record Producer. While he may never be able to heal his legs, he has learned to heal his spirit through music, and teach others to do the same. In a time of immeasurable discord throughout the world, Injeti teaches that revering the silence between the notes of life can be the most valuable form of music.

“Silence sometimes is the most powerful instrument in this world. It allows you to think, it allows you to listen, and for me, it allows me to teach… And I learn so much about people by listening, by staying still. And I learn that everybody has a compelling story, if we just listen. And music allows me to do that.”

Let’s go back to what’s pumping through your earbuds. Listen. What does it say? Not the words, not the language, but how does it speak to you? How does it make you feel? Remembering to listen, allowing ourselves to be silent, opens up a whole new world of music we may have never considered. It teaches us to find beauty between the familiar notes that punctuate our lives, and to discover those compelling stories. It unites us. Music-- art-- this is what young students and adults can use to help heal the world. Why? Because it gives you a voice that transcends your mother tongue.

“Of all the aids and all the drugs that were administered to me, the most healing… is music.”