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How to Help Those We Love

25 Sep

How to Help Those We Love

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

What have you wanted help with recently? Did you feel like you got it? Or did you feel alone, isolated, as if no one could offer help or understand what you needed? If this was the case, your would-be helper may have been unknowingly speaking a foreign language.

Language is a beautiful gift. It comes in many different forms, tongues, and dialects. The more we speak, the better able we will be to connect with another human being. However, there is so much more to language than vocabulary, slang, and cultural context. There are parts of our world that need no translation: body language, music, art, a hug, or the simple act of offering your seat on a train. These all send very clear messages that are easy to understand.

But what about the language of love?

Typically, when we’re asking for help, we’re really asking for love. Love tends to be written off as something we all can understand. However, many don’t realize that there are different types of love, and not everyone feels or perceives love in the same way. Therefore, someone can be doing their best to love and support you through a challenging time, but if they’re not speaking your love language, their love won’t be translated.

This insightful video by @TheSchoolofLife explores some of the many different ways we might perceive love. Not only is this useful to know so we can better communicate to our loved ones how they can help us, but it also helps us recognize love in forms that don’t resonate with us, so we can logically understand the loving intent behind what we may perceive to be unhelpful.