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How Hack-schooling Makes Students Happy & Healthy

22 Jan

How Hack-schooling Makes Students Happy & Healthy

Posted By: 
Kimberly White


“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

It’s a question every adult heard as a child. It’s a question every child continually hears from adults. It’s a question that some adults, young and old, still ask themselves, trying to figure out life.

When Logan LaPlante, a brilliant teenager, grows up, he wants to be happy and healthy.  He discussed this in a TEDx talk that 8 million people have viewed since it’s release three years ago. He wonders what the world would look like if education was based on the study and practice of being happy and healthy and explains how hacking school is helping him achieve his goals.

Logan cites research from Dr. Roger Walsh and says that one of the most profound things he has discovered through talking to Dr. Walsh is that, “Much of education is oriented, for better or worse, towards making a living rather than making a life.”

Most traditional school systems and philosophies on education emphasize the need to study specific subjects, get good grades, go to college, and get a good job in order to finally find happiness. Logan, Dr. Walsh, and the growing community of educators, parents and students who utilize alternative learning, instead believe that kids can design lifestyles and education systems that inspire and teach health and happiness throughout life.

Logan calls this “hack-schooling.” Hack-schooling takes advantage of opportunities in the community and makes learning experiential. Logan says that hack-schooling is not a curriculum or system but a mindset that can be adopted by everyone, even students in traditional schools. Hack-schooling is “flexible, opportunistic and it never loses sight of making happy, healthy and creativity a priority.”

CMASAS is home to many hackers. We have online school students who live and travel in places like Kenya, the Bahamas, and the Middle East, making the world their classroom. Several CMASAS students are avid surfers, gymnasts and equestrians participating in high level and even professional competitions while still obtaining high school diplomas. Some students absolutely need to make their health a priority as they recover from an illness or trauma while advancing in their studies. Even our administrators and teachers are hackers, living all over the United States while pursuing their dreams and advocating for their communities.

We believe everyone can be a hacker. Logan says it like this: “Hackers are innovators. Hackers are people who challenge and change the systems to make them work differently, to make them work better… It’s just how they think. It’s a mindset… Everything is up for being hacked… Having the hacker mindset can change the world.”

There are so many kids today who are wishing to be happy and healthy. So much of what CMASAS does, from creating courses and writing curriculum to taking students on international traveling trips and organizing adventures in cities around the U.S. is all for the purpose of helping young people live happy and healthy lives.

Hacking education and every day life is challenging and pursuing health and happiness is a life long journey. How are you hacking school? What can you change or alter in order to be more healthy and happy? Because it’s fun, encouraging and meaningful when we pursue happiness together, we want to ask you to share with us on social media how you are hacking school.

Use the hashtag #myschoolmyway and post your photos and stories tagging @arts_n_sciences. We can’t wait to see everything the CMASAS community is going and are incredibly happy to be able to hack school with all of you. Now go hack something.