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How to Find your Voice and Use it in Daily Life: personalized learning at its finest.

10 Sep

How to Find your Voice and Use it in Daily Life: personalized learning at its finest.

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Mar 10, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Your voice as a student, a member of society, and and individual doesn’t just mean the ability to make choices or to speak, it also means self expression in general. A voice doesn’t have to be one that is audible, it can be a story or message in the form of paint on canvas, written and shown on posters or billboards, shown through dance or music, and written in books and poetry. Of course it can also be spoken, as well, for those that prefer speaking.  Once you find your preferred way, or ways, of voice you can try to configure that in your dream career, use it to open possible activities or dreams for the future, and can open your mind to how you can better express yourself in your life.


SophiaThe best way to express yourself is found through doing.  Try all the different ways you can think of...experiment with new tequniques. You should never close your mind to all the other options, even if you think you already have the one you want.  If you feel you have a style of voice that’s yours you can keep going with it, but don’t forget that you have the others to your disposal whenever you want.  When you have found a way of expressing yourself, your voice, you can find a way to tell or show any idea you can think up in your own way.  Finding the time and where to do this might be a bit harder, though.

Depending on the form of voice you feel most drawn to using, it may be harder to do on a daily basis; so you may have to be resourcful and get creative. If you like to write, you can use blogging, like I’m doing, you can write books (takes more time but much worth it), can make a website even. These may take some time, but the best part of writing is that you can pause and start as much as you need to.  With drawing, it may be easier.  With writing, you can start and stop as much as you need, but drawing usually doesn’t take as long as writting an entire novel. You can share your drawing on one of those online art sharing exhibit like websites where you can share your art along with countless other budding artists.  You can even just share your work with the people around you.  I often share my stuff with neighbors.  If you want to share a message  with people that needs to be shared, you could use twitter, facebook, you can go out with posters, hang up flyers on billboards in coffee shops, or even do a youtube video on the topic.  As for speaking, just raising your voice and just talking to people is a good way at getting your voice known.  Remind people you have a voice by actually speaking, instead of sometimes hiding behind computer screen or wondering whether you should say something and then letting the moment pass. Find your own way  of expression and don’t forget to use the voice you were given.