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How Doing a Drawing a Day Saved My Life

03 Mar

How Doing a Drawing a Day Saved My Life

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Kaitlyn Guay

What do you love? What passion would you want to get paid for if you could? This is a question most online high school students have already asked themselves, and why so many creative students flock to personalized, self-paced forms of education to best explore their own unique path.

For David Litchfield, that passion was drawing. David never knew drawing could be a career. After all, it was fun. Through watching his parents, David had surmised “A career wasn’t something you enjoyed, it was something you survived.”

David didn’t feel confident in his drawing. He knew he liked it, but what was his style? His touch? His niche? He knew he had a lot to learn, so he challenged himself to wake up an hour early and draw a drawing everyday. David reminisces how wonderful this was, drawing in that first hour of consciousness before you’re fully awake; your mind feels limitless, full of untapped potential. As soon as he finished, he’d share them on social media and wait for feedback.

David started this as real “self-motivated self-learning project.” It turned into so much more. Soon, a buzz began. People from the creative industry began commenting on and sharing his drawings.

Years, later, David still does a drawing a day. So what’s changed? What was the point? “The one thing that did change after a-drawing-day is I now have a focus. I now know exactly what it is I want to put all my energies into, my creative energies into.”

It’s said that you need 10,000 hours in something to call yourself a master in it. When David began this project, he would not have called himself a master in anything, and still humbly admits his journey toward mastery is not yet over. The key difference is, after spending 365 days-- one calendar year-- making a drawing a day, David finally felt comfortable going up to someone and saying: “Hi. I’m David. I’m an Illustrator.”

What small thing could you do each day to build mastery in what you love?