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How Does Online School Work?

08 Jul

How Does Online School Work?

With the increased interest in virtual education for the upcoming school year, many parents are wondering: how does online school work and how does it compare to in-person learning? Below, we answer some of the most common questions we hear from parents regarding the logistics of online schooling.

About Christa McAuliffe Academy School of Arts and Sciences

First, we should note that there are a wide range of options for online schools. CMASAS is a private online high school, middle school, and elementary school, so our model might be quite different from the online schooling set up by your state or local public school district. 

The benefit of CMASAS is that we take a more personalized approach to online education. As we see it, the biggest downside of most current online schooling models is that they take a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to learning. That’s why we make it a point to meet each child where they’re at, tailoring their curriculum to their interests and learning styles. 

At CMASAS, instruction is asynchronous, so students can access course material anytime they like. Live interaction and assistance is available from instructors during weekly online classroom times and outside of those times by appointment. Here is an example of a course preview.

How Does Online School Work at CMASAS?

Here are the answers to questions many parents have about how online schooling works.

Is online school easy?

Yes and no. The curriculum offered at CMASAS is not necessarily easier than that offered by a traditional in-person school—in fact, it’s often more advanced. That said, students often find our classes easier because of our customized approach to instruction that takes into consideration each student’s unique learning style. Students who previously struggled with certain subjects often come to enjoy them at CMASAS.

Is doing online school better?

For many students, online school is better because it allows them to work at their own pace, pursue their academic interests, and learn in a way that suits their needs. 

Does online school work look bad for colleges?

Absolutely not! Nearly every student at CMASAS goes on to college or university, and many of our graduates go on to attend some of the most competitive universities in the country. There is no negative stigma about online schooling when it comes to college admissions.

What are the disadvantages of online learning?

Students need more parental oversight for online learning, which can present a challenge in a household with two working parents. When it comes to online high school, students will need to be self-motivated to complete their work; this can be a good way to prepare teenagers for the responsibilities of college.

Does online school count as homeschool?

No, CMASAS and other online schools are not the same as homeschooling. We are an accredited school with certified teachers.

Is online learning as effective as face-to-face learning?

Yes—and there is research showing that online learning is actually more effective than face-to-face learning because there are no classroom distractions and students are allowed to work at their own pace, which means they can master material before moving onto the next topic.

Learn More About Online Schooling With CMASAS

To learn more about how CMASAS works, check out our FAQ, read about our personalized learning model, or contact us at 503-226-7374 to speak with an admissions representative.