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How This Deaf Dancer Hears the Music

19 Apr

How This Deaf Dancer Hears the Music

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

The known way is not the only way.

Just as a 6 becomes a 9 when turned on its head, indisputable truths can change with each fresh perspective. (See: earth, not so flat).

Shaheem became deaf at the age of four. His father, who died before he was born, was a dancer. At eleven, Shaheem felt compelled to dance, as a connection to the man he never knew. Much like Beethoven, he uses the vibration of the music to ascertain the beat, then memorizes the tempo and counts to four over and over, until the song is done.

Shaheem has faced discrimination and doubt by other dancers and choreographers who fear he won’t be able to dance with them, as he can’t hear the beat.

But he can. Just not how hearing people do.

@SoulPancake’s inspiring video on Shaheem shows the incredible grit and gumption he has to push his dance into a world that believes dancers must hear to perform with music. It is a beautiful reminder that all it takes is tenacity and the will not to give up for someone to change the way we view the world.

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