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How to Connect with Anyone

15 Sep

How to Connect with Anyone

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

The world moves fast nowadays. Eyes strain and hearts race as notifications, pings, emails, tweets, and snaps pop into our stratusphere like helium balloons against a low ceiling. We’re so driven to succeed, to have all the information we require to fulfill our dreams and our purpose, that we sometimes forget the most basic component to success: cultivating human connection.

This powerful video by @SoulPancake documents what happens when several different couples are asked to do nothing but stare into each other’s eyes for four minutes. Some couples have been together for decades, while others just met. The results will surprise you.

In the age of Google, we have everything we could ever wish to know at our fingertips. It is therefore easy to miss how much we can learn by simply looking in someone’s eyes with no other purpose than to look. Try this with someone today. Look into their eyes and keep looking, no matter how awkward it feels. Take a moment, unplug, and just connect. You may be surprised by what you discover.