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How can a Personalized Education Motivate Students' Learning?

08 Sep

How can a Personalized Education Motivate Students' Learning?

Posted By: 
Mark Guay

Dec 20, 2013 9:00:00 AM

Everyone can probably think of examples in their own life where we didn’t want to do something.  Many times this results because the task required of us just isn’t interesting or relevant to us personally.  We may not have any idea how the task we are supposed to do is going to help us or anyone else, and may fail to see the bigger picture. 

If you felt this way about the material you were being taught at school, you probably wouldn’t be very motivated to succeed academically.   Unfortunately, a lot of students do feel this way.  Yet most students are still presented with a one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter approach to education.  A personalized education motivates students to learn and succeed by making the curriculum relevant and interesting for them.  Here are four different ways that personalized education motivates students


  • Students learn at their own pace.  This is especially useful for children who are gifted in one or more areas.  They don’t need to sit in a classroom while a teacher goes over the material they’ve already mastered.  Students are able to move on to the next part of instruction which helps them stay interested.  Or a student can move ahead more quickly in one subject and take more time in another.
  • Learning opportunities are unique for each student.  Not only do students have the opportunity to learn the curriculum within the context of their personal interests and strengths, they have the opportunity to show what they have learned in a way that best demonstrates their knowledge.  For example, a student that has trouble expressing themselves in writing wouldn’t be required to take an essay test to assess their learning.  They would be able to do a project or give an oral presentation instead.  This makes it much easier to tell how well a student has learned the material and where they might still need help.
  • Personalized education tends to be more project-based. This means that students use more critical thinking skills and hands on experiences and apply those to demonstrate real world application of their knowledge.  This makes the curriculum more personally meaningful for the student and leads to a deeper understanding of the material.
  • Personalized education can enables students to thrive academically.  Individual student needs, learning style, and skill level are all used to personalize the curriculum.   Educational goals are driven by the student’s accomplishments and interests and are easily adjustable.  Students can access learning on their schedule from anywhere.  Students are given all the tools they need to succeed because the learning is dynamic.  They are not forced to learn in a way that may not fit them or their skill level.  We all like the feeling of being successful and accomplishing something.  Students like how it feels to be successful too.  Academic success tends to breed more academic success.

When you consider all a personalized education has to offer, it is easy to see how some students can be held back from achieving their full potential in traditional educational settings.  Motivating students is key to their educational success and their success in life.  An online personalized education offers all the skills, motivation, and opportunity necessary for your student to achieve their full potential.