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How to Build an Online Community with Chalene Johnson

31 Oct

How to Build an Online Community with Chalene Johnson

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

In her interview with @BehindTheBrand, fitness guru and entrepreneur Chalene Johnson speaks on the unparalleled importance of being authentic and having integrity with your community. Johnson says, “If you’re always serving people without the intention of serving yourself… that tends to attract a tribe.”

In today’s digital day and age, where social media feeds are a curated canvas of carefully edited pictures and captions, authenticity has become one of our most valuable currencies. For students graduating into a rapidly evolving workplace, we are learning that digital presence and cultivating a strong community are two essential factors toward building a life that makes impact.

But it’s not easy. @BehindTheBrand notes that “Trust and intention are the two most difficult things to earn these days, they become very valuable assets.” However, they are also the easiest assets to lose if one begins to operate without integrity.

Sharing yourself, raw, genuine, and real, can be a challenging practice for young students. However, when you present yourself authentically and with integrity, it attracts a strong group of people to help support you on your journey, as you support them toward building a life that matters.

When was a moment recently where you benefitted from being genuine and authentic?


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