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High Achievers: Why You Don’t Have to Choose Between School and your Dream

09 Jan

High Achievers: Why You Don’t Have to Choose Between School and your Dream

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Kaitlyn Guay

“We don’t get what we want. We get what we have to have.” This myth-shattering statement by Tony Robbins reveals two things: First, that obtaining something comes not from merely wanting it, but from a deep intrinsic need to get it. Second, that there is no age criteria for when that need will hit.

Many students who come to Christa McAuliffe Academy of Arts and Sciences do so because they have a dream that transcends want. This kind of high performer comes to our school for the flexibility, mobility, and personalization our program offers. He doesn’t just want to be in a band who tours throughout the country, he needs to be. She isn’t working to gain her high school diploma while simultaneously competing as a world-class gymnast because she wants to, she’s doing it because she feels deep within that she must. And both of these students are able to pursue their passions without halting or sacrificing their education because they found our personalized online program designed to fit any schedule, giving students and their families the flex time they need to travel, start careers…. and do it all before eighteen.

CMASAS is proud to host students from all walks of life, working to achieve their dreams and come into their own as strong, unique individuals. Our students are able to work and learn simultaneously due to our completely online curriculum, and the ability to schedule the length and time of courses to fit their schedules. Students take just two courses at a time for maximum absorption, three at the most, and can schedule extra time for subjects that are more challenging, simply adding a new course once one is complete. And because we know an intrinsically motivated student is a successful one, CMASAS encourages students to use their passions as a focus for mastery-based projects. For example: one alumni, a prestigious stand up paddle boarder, used a physics assignment as inspiration to design a self-propelling surf board, a design he later sold.

Wildly successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker Tony Robbins says: “Everybody in the world has a list of things they should do. I should lose weight, I should work out, I should work harder, I should, I should, I should, I should… and then, you know what? What changes people is when your should becomes a must.”

If your dream has become an itch roiling silently beneath the surface of your skin, a siren’s call leading you toward a singular goal, there’s no need to choose between that need and your education. Success has no age criteria.

“When you’re no longer willing to tolerate something, that’s when your life changes.” -Tony Robbins