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Helping Kids Change the World

13 Sep

Helping Kids Change the World

Posted By: 
Kimberly White

At CMASAS, we strive to touch the future by serving students in ways that encourage them to live remarkable lives. We believe that today, especially in the modern Western world, that children are the most overlooked and under-appreciated members of our society. Which is sad because children contain within them so much hope, imagination, kindness, tolerance, and optimism. With all of these natural qualities, children only need a bit of good direction and encouragement to make large positive impacts on the world around them.

Holly B. Steele puts it this way, “Kids shouldn’t think, ‘When I graduate, I can change the world.’ They have potential now, if we help them harness it.”

Bob Talbert similarly illustrates this ability to coach children on towards remarkable lives. “Teaching children to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best,” he says.

As parents and educators, we can learn so much from children. And we can also do so much to enlighten children, to broaden their experiences and world views, to encourage them to do something about their passions and to instruct them on ways they can impact the world.

Here are just a few simple ideas and resources for helping children discover their impact and step into action.

Check out this inspiring book that shares the stories of 45 young people who are doing big things to change the world around them. Author Anne Jankeliowitch tells how these children discovered issues that concerned them and got involved. The stories are easy to read and enjoyable for children and also provide resources and ideas for how all kids and parents can make a positive impact in the world.

Listen to this pep talk by Kid President and watch some of his other hilarious, educational and inspiring videos. Kid President encourages all children and adults to, “create something that will make the world awesome.”


Join these two seven-year-old girls from Texas in their efforts in improving the futures of kids around the world. These girl’s website and social media accounts invite other kids to get involved in charitable causes like food drives and raising money to help build a school in Haiti.

Read how 9-year-old Felix Finkbeiner from Germany educated people about climate change and helped plant 4 millions trees. When Felix learned about climate change, he quickly planted a single tree at his school in Germany and has since launched a website educating children about green house gases and encouraging kids around the world to plant trees. Visit his website and help keep the planet clean too!

Since 2007 siblings Mackenzie, Alex and Benjamin have been collecting and donating books to homeless shelters, domestic abuse shelters, and residential treatment centers. They believe that every child should have the chance to read great books and with their help, over 360,000 books have been donated. Read how you too can donate books to children in need.

Inspired to help your child realize the potential and huge impact they can have on their community? What are some of the ways you have taught your children to get involved in making the world a better place?

Together we can touch the future and help children live remarkable lives.