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Great Teachers Make Great Online Schools: 3 Quality Traits to Look For

09 Sep

Great Teachers Make Great Online Schools: 3 Quality Traits to Look For

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Feb 24, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Meet Kari - As a student she travels the world utilizing a personalized education. It’s a great experience. With easy access to teachers who mentor and mold, students interact in diverse roles to increase their knowledge base and learn to adapt to free-willed thinking scenarios. Being able to virtually connect to a classroom has left her with a sense of belonging, not only because she has participated in an engaging learning environment without ever stepping into a classroom, but is also included into a venue where her ideas are challenged and embraced as she learns. This comes as a result of having fantastic teacher mentors.

The teacher’s role in the school is comprised of 3 quality traits:

  • Mentoring
  • Student-centered guidance
  • Initiating creativity and critical thinking ideas

Great online school teachers enhance student’s knowledge through personalized education. Students are encouraged to be independent thinkers and use the foundation of skills taught to make connections through personal engagement to enhance their personalized experience. 

The online personalized school model is innovative. Students operate in autonomy, being able to solicit help from the teacher if needed. It’s a new development in how students learn and engage - growing the global citizen.

The teacher is also there to provide guidance at a higher level of learning and expectation than that of a standard classroom. This online personalized school learning environment creates opportunities to expand on personalized engagement and thorough, knowledge-based instruction. Through being available 1:1 and delivering a differentiated style of instruction, teachers develop inventive ways to introduce competencies through the integration of technology. This environment develops tailored educational experiences for each student based on their comprehension. Through whiteboards, webcams, microphones and other tools, students are able to feel a sense of belonging and completion, while teachers are quickly accessible. Using technology such as Skype, email and the phone, students are learning in a virtual environment.

The typical teacher’s role has expanded into that of a director instead of just a “teacher.” By offering concepts and learning opportunities which students can access at their leisure, “classroom” time is used to expound on the information already given. This can be viewed as a k-12 learning environment that embraces the concepts of college-level learning. The teachers at CMASAS embrace personalized learning because it develops their level of engagement when developing new techniques and lessons for the students, while using new tools. In this setting, teachers are collaborative, viewing their students as partners in the success of their education. In the online personalized school, education makes a definitive difference.