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Graduate Spotlight - Reese

11 Sep

Graduate Spotlight - Reese

There are many reasons why a student would choose to pursue online learning. We spoke with the family of one of our recent graduates, Reese, who wanted to share their story of what brought them to CMASAS.

Reese began taking courses at CMASAS in 2016. Before attending CMASAS, she spent her freshman year at a large public high school. Reese became frustrated with the structure of traditional education. This manifested into both physical and emotional symptoms. That’s when Reese’s family began exploring the idea of online education. Her parents were open to online learning, and after some research they discovered CMASAS.

CMASAS was a great fit for Reese from the start. After a short time with the school, her family says she became engaged and energized. The coursework was challenging but manageable. Reese was also able to do her work at her own pace and she never felt alone in her studies. She was able to dive into the subjects she loved, while also able to focus on subjects that she struggled with.

The role of the Personalized Education Coach was extremely helpful for Reese and her family. Reese’s mother says her PEC guided them through the transition process, and every response was quick and thorough. As time went on, Reese’s parents were able to take a step back and let her thrive as an independent learner.

Personalization enhanced Reese’s CMASAS experience. During her English courses, Reese was able to choose what she wanted to read instead of being limited to a specific book. She loved having options when given a project to complete. She put together videos, artwork, and even music to show what she had learned. Reese’s art class was individualized, and she met with the course instructor once a week to go over what she was working on.

Reese and her family attended graduation this year in San Diego, California. They loved hearing the valedictorians speak and seeing the diversity of the graduating class.

Now, Reese is all moved into her new dorm at the Eugene Lang College of Arts at The New School for her freshman year of college. She feels excited and prepared for the future.

There are many students like Reese out there who decide that the structure of brick and mortar school just isn’t for them. At CMASAS we let students take the driver’s seat so they can pursue their passions while preparing them for life after high school.